Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Ski Trip Response

WALT access and use information to make and action safe choices in a range of contexts.
WALT demonstrate a willingness to accept challenges, learn new skills,
and extend abilities in movement-related activities.
WALT specify individual responsibilities and to take collective action for
the care and safety of others in the school and in the wider community.

Success Criteria:
  • I will discuss and demonstrate my understanding of the Skier’s Code of
  • Conduct in pre-ski discussion and through my actions on the ski field… making
  • responsible and appropriate choices throughout Ski Day.
  • I will undertake ski/snowboard lessons suitable for my skill level, seeking to
  • improve my technique and control.

  • I will be correctly equipped for my participation in Ski Day.
  • I will create a response to the ski trip to share my new learning.

On the 14/8/18 Ruma Tahi went on a ski trip.
We went to Porters Pass ski field. We had to meet at school at quarter
to seven in the morning. As people were walked in the door Mrs Martin
gave you a orange armband that you had to have on all day. Mrs Kemp
over the rules and  we went in our car groups. My dad took transport so
I went with him, we also had Nathan J and his dad in our car. It took around
two and a half hours to get to Porters Pass. We got there around 9:30 am.

Once we got there we had to wait outside the ski building and wait for everyone
else to get there. Once everyone was there we had to line up in groups,
First time skiing and second or more time skiing. Then Jason, who worked
there, called out our name and we got a number written on our hand.

We had to go in and get our boots and hire pants or jackets.
Next we had to get our helmet,skis and goggles. Next we had to go to
the beginners slope and practice how to turn and stop. Once you go down
the hill you have to backup the magic carpet. To stop you  make a pizza shape
with skies and to turn you lean to one side.

Some people got to go down the intimidate slope. To get to the top you have
to go up a poma. We had to stop and have lunch and snacks and stay hydrated.
We had to be back at the ski hire at around 3 to 3:30 pm to take off our ski
boots and hire things, also the ski field closes at 4:00 pm. We then had to get
back into our car groups and go back to school, we got there around 5:00 pm.

I really enjoyed going skiing with my friends and classmates.  I got onto
the intimidate slope and I had fun on it. My next steps is to maybe get onto
the jumps. I would like to thank the people who work at Porters Ski Field for
ijb making this day possible.

St John Response

Yesterday 3/9/18 someone from St John came to the
school and showed us some useful skills. Room 1
went to the tech block in the afternoon.

They showed us what to do in an emergency situation.
The St John lady (Catherine) taught us something called the DRSABCD.
This is what is stands for, D dangers, R response, S send for help,
A airway, B breathing, C commence CPR and D for Defibrillation.
These are the things that you need to use if you see someone unconscious.

Catherine showed us how to put someone into the recovery position.
First you tilt their head back, then with the arm closest to you out and the
arm furthest away from you across their body.
Next you put the leg furthest away from you up, then you roll
then towards you. Now you have to put the leg that you put up
into a capital L shape to stop the person from rolling onto their face.

Catherine taught us how to do CPR properly. Before you do CPR
you have to do the DRSABCD. Catherine brought in 8
dummies for us to practise doing CPR on.
We got put in groups and we and to CPR on some dummies.
First we had to wipe the nose, chin and inside the mouth.
Then we put some thin sheets called a breathing shield
over their mouth because we had to share the dummies.
While we did CPR Catherine put on a song to keep us in time.

To do CPR you have to put hands clasped together on their
chest. You then do 30 pushes on their chest the same time apart
and the same speed. Next you have to do to breaths into their mouth.
When you do this you need to tip their chin back so the air goes
down their throat and into their lungs. You never stop doing CPR.
The only times you can stop is if someone else some to relieve you
or if you have been doing it for 1 of 2 hours and you are
completely exhausted. When you do CPR you become the heart
of the person that you are doing CPR on.

Once you call the ambulance to help you, they are most likely to
have something called the defib machine. It is a machine that has
2 pads that you stick onto the persons chest. The pads will not stick to
hair of clothes so you need to cut the clothes and shave the hair (if they have them).
There are 3 buttons that you press. One is to start the instructions and you need to
press that. The other button is to give the shock.

I really enjoyed doing the lesson with Catherine and my classmates.
I think that everyone should know how to do CPR and how to put
someone into the recovery position. Being able to do CPR is a good life skill.
I think that they could
also taught us what to do if you get a bad cut or a burn.
Here is a photo of me doing CPR on the dummy.

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