Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Science Badge

On the 7th of December Ruma Tahi presented their science badges to the school class by class. A science badge has lots of different tasks to complete. Each of the activities  are worth a certain amount of stars either, one, two, or three. With a science badge you do not have to complete of the tasks, you only have to complete enough tasks to add up to 20 stars.

We presented our work in the break out space and in Ruma Tahi. The classes came class by class and had a look at our boards. We spent lots of time completing the boards, we had to print things off and glue them onto the board ready to present. Me and my friend Jennae shared a board with one side each. 

Some of the boards had an interactive activities on them. The junior school liked the interactive activities and it was a fun way for them to learn about different things. 

Here is a photo with my board. 

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